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Field staff? Remote offices?

Lift your intranet to a private Smart Media cloud to give your employees access from anywhere, anytime

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Intranet, CMS & workflow software

Intranet software

With the modern enterprise, the need to enable employees to productively work anywhere and anytime,
Smart Media intranet solution is more relevant than ever.

Private cloud

Mitigate your risks by hosting your extranet or web CMS in a private cloud, knowing it will be operated in your home country and complying with PCI-DSS standards.

Website CMS

Highly speed efficient, SEO friendly, funtionally rich website CMS that gives you ultimate creative freedom

Workflow software

In a strive for operational efficiency, business process workflows let you create operational efficiency
Intelligent WorkFlow™ is the easiest workflow software to deploy people oriented business processes, whether for internal operations or for customer services.

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workflows of industrial scale

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Adblocks vs marketeers

consumer does not have a choice

Onboard A350

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Smart Media technology and product news

Investigatory Powers Bill text has been agreed by both Houses, awaiting Royal Ascent to become law. Bill documents on the parliament website.

Increase social engagement on your website - with Smart Media feed reader

Intelligent WebCentre includes, without a need for a separate plugin or widgets, the ability for you to incorporate Twitter and Instagram feeds onto your website.

You can fully customise how the feed looks so that it is seamlessly fits your website just like you want it.

New Twitter channel for Smart Media @Smart_Media_Ltd

Smart Media have launched a new Twitter channel aimed to share information security and data protection news from authentic sources.

Stay up-to-date on matters of cyber security and data protection and follow @Smart_Media_Ltd