September, 09 2016

Onboard A350

On a recent flight I was lucky enough to be on board Finnair’s brand new airbus A350. The plane introduction was full of blurp about its fancy features, the comforts of the seat (it did allow a fully stretched flat bed!), a handy pocket here, entertainment choice of movies, and the choice of 3D views of cockpit controls or camera in the underbelly of the plane.

Under the armrest was a very welcome handy rubbish bin – at least so I thought and apparently the previous passenger had thought too – until the stewardess advised it was a place to put your ipad. Whoops.

All that aside, me and apparently most of my fellow passengers, skipped through all those fancy new features and were only interested in the fact that the plane had a wifi. Yihoo!

Quick, a surprise live post on the intranet from 30,000 ft – a totally new take on our intranet cloud services.
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Posted by Johanna Leppanen at 12:49
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