Intelligent Intranet™ software - more than a portal

Smart Media Intelligent Intranet™ gives you the innovation, reliability and cost effectiveness that lets you think strategically and act tactically to retain your competitive edge.

Whether you are a UK based, European or global organisation, Intelligent Intranet is feature rich, easy-to-use and flexible ready-to-deploy intranet software that enables you to create a truly world-class intranet for your organisation.

Engaging intranet

Engage and inspire

Employee well-being, motivation and engagement within the organisation is key to the innovation and long term success of any organisation.

When you choose Intelligent Intranet™ you give employees the tools to do their job well, empower teams and individuals, and offer rich social functionality - a great way to foster a productive and inspirational work environment and increase employee retention.


Whether it is the weekly CEO blog or staff achievements from across the organisation, with Intelligent Intranet you will find the appropriate channel to reach employees.

If your team need to access the intranet from outside your network as an extranet or from mobile, there is a secure way to present the intranet at their fingertips.


Job satisfaction is greatly influenced by how much control individuals have over their own work.

With distributed content management and easy to create process automation workflows, teams and employees can implement continuous improvements without the need for a massive IT project.


Social interaction in the workplace helps staff retention, fosters creativity and sparks innovation.

Harnessing the social media techniques from quick polls to comments and twogs (our name for fabulous intranet Twitter Blogs, only available on Intelligent Intranet™) you will be able to offer plenty of ways to get people talking.

Incorporate document management

Finding a document you need to do your job should be easy and straight forward. And so it is when you use the built in document library.

The document management options within Intelligent Intranet™ allow you to use those that suit your needs the best.

dashboard_ on ipad

Go mobile

With content available as a mobile web app, and dashboards and workflows available as native mobile apps, you can offer your employees what they are used to on the web.


Automate processes

Automating the myriad of repetitive tasks that mop up time day in day out across the organisation will release resources. Whether it is employee self-service for holidays, automating report distribution without clogging up email, or having an interactive organisation chart always up-to-date, Intelligent Intranet does it out of the box. And you can create and manage your specific processes easily via Intelligent WorkFlow™

Report distribution & KPIs

Are reports emailed to multiple users clogging up your mail servers? Are confidential reports uploaded to drop box or private email? Are your BI tools too costly to roll out?

Intelligent Intranet takes the headache away from report distribution. Find out how.


Your intranet is so much more than just information - add Intelligent WorkFlow so you can not only add drag and drop forms but fully integrated business processes.


You would take single sign-on for granted. Wouldn't it be even better if the organisational structure was kept up-to-date and presented in an interactive manner without manual intervention? Intelligent Intranet integration connectors makes it a breeze.

Flexibility and security

With no time consuming SharePoint development required, Intelligent Intranet relieves your precious IT resources to work on other business critical systems.

Intelligent Intranet is available as a choice of on-premise installation or in a private cloud - either way, licensing is straight-forward, implementation highly scalable and secure.

Retail intranet

Intelligent Intranet provides a perfect tool for cost competitive retail environment in the UK and internationally.

Intranets as a sales tool

When a sales person needs something, it is most often in order to prepare something for the customer. So they needs it promptly.

Whether it's a sales presention or pricing for a quote, Intelligent Intranet enables you to deliver the sales support your team needs.

Intranets in manufacturing

With easy to use document management and document control workflow, Intelligent Intranet is used as a backbone to quality systems and health and safety compliance.

Professional services intranet

Whether you are in the financial sector or technical consultancy, your organisation is awash with knowledge. Intelligent Intranet gives you tools to enable rapid information sharing, collaboration and ensure that any tacit knowledge is captured and available.

Franchise extranet

By no means does the head office intranet need to be separate from intranet available throughout the rest of the organisation. The nature of the information that is required in a head office environment may well differ

Public sector and not-for-profit intranet

Police forces, NHS trusts, housing associations, membership and voluntary organisations find the flexibility of fully managed service in a private cloud enables them to provide intranet/extranet access to all staff regardless of their place of work.

Call centre intranet

There is more to a call centre intranet that just providing all the product information, troubleshooting guides and policies at hand for the CSRs (Customer Service Representatives).


Staff in hotels, pubs and restaurants are delivering the brand promise to hundreds of customers every day and night.

Learn more how an intranet specifically designed to support your front end staff and site managers is a vital tool for your marketing and operational teams. Even at night.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your intranet or start from scratch to replace existing intranet(s), get in touch online or call +44 (0)1256 346454