Professional Services intranet

  • Essential tool for corporate governance.
  • Powerful search to locate product information, policies and procedures.
  • Integrated File Server Indexing.
  • Powerful access control, audit trail and versioning.
  • Document control.
  • Helps to ensure central document templates are used.
  • Sharing of sales documentation helps to win more business.
  • Full support for mobile workforce.
  • Instant Short Message alerts for product news and new content to corporate mobile phones.
  • Reduces staff administration.
  • Fast access to all essential applications means your fee earners can achieve more.
  • Instant sharing of product knowledge.
  • Enterprise-wide message broadcasting.
  • Central repository for accumulated corporate knowledge.
  • Improve customer service by quickly locating the right person with relevant expertise.
  • Effective collection of field feedback.
  • Fast implementation of product training and new procedures.
  • Easy integration to CRM systems.

Intranet functionality

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