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Intelligent IntranetTM makes it easy to keep your intranet relevant to each employee and to facilitate effective peer to peer communication.

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As a communications professional, you know very well why good internal communications matter - when employees are well informed, they will have the confidence to make the right decisions. When they are happy in their role and feel part of the organisation, they will collaborate, innovate and improve your business performance even further.

As an experienced intranet manager, you also know that having lots of Word files on your intranet does not make it a communication tool, and ‘vanity publishing’ causes readers to switch off.

Good employee communication happens on many levels, top down, peer-to-peer, upstream, within teams, between teams and around projects and shared interests. At best it is not a special effort but the way employees naturally share information in order to provide what colleagues require to do their job. Intelligent Intranet makes it easy to harness the most powerful communication tool ever - your employees. So get ready and embrace the fact that information published or shared by peers is more readily received than formal corporate documents.

Use the right tools for effective employee communication

Here are just some of the ways Intelligent Intranet provides you with a solid foundation and ready to use tools:

Personalised home page

The perfect balance of corporate-wide news with role-based news and user selectable personalised content. Just fabulous.

Performance dashboards

Sharing overall and team specific performance KPIs on the intranet is one of the most powerful ways to share success and strive for more.

Plan ahead

All content is scheduled with start and expiry dates with optional email alerts to notify on expiry. So you can prepare your communications in advance.

Who is who

So much more than a telephone directory, user details can be feed automatically from Active Directory (AD) or HR/payroll system.

Alerts and subscriptions

It is easy for employees to subscribe to alerts when updates are available for their chosen topics. And if need be, you can push notifications centrally too.

Instant communications

By default any updates to the intranet appear instantly – unless you schedule it for a specific date and time of course. For extra attention, use popups or mandatory reads if appropriate.

News, news and news

Channel the news by topic or tag to make sure news are relevant to employees – corporate news, staff news, operational news, product news and so forth.

Include everyone

Whether all your employees have an AD account or not, they can still have personalised access to the intranet.

Intelligent Intranet can be set in an intranet/extranet configuration or entirely on a private cloud to make sure staff can access it securely over the Internet.

Interactive org chart

No more out-of-date organisation charts, the interactive org chart is automatically maintained from the who is who data. Magic!

Employee profiles

With a wealth of additional info fields from photo, special duties, skills and hobbies and links to LinkedIn profiles, you can define what details users can update themselves and what comes from the feed.

Message the right people

Supports one to all, one to many and one to one communications, with universally timed messaging by the hour or by date.

Instant communications

There is a choice of scrollers, newsflashes, popups, email notifications and mobile alerts to suit the situation.

Featured content

With distributed content management, your intranet has a wealth of great stories. Manage featured content with ease with built in process and automation.

Bring in the tweets

If you are saying it to the world, surely your employees should know it too!

Twitter widget lets you bring in tweets to your intranet - and they can look even better than on Twitter!

Personalised home page

Whilst you may wish to make sure some content is always there for everyone to see, you can also let each user personalise their home page.


Almost everyone is interested in internal job vacancies as they also tell a story of what is happening within the organisation.


Useful in so many ways as events can be filtered by type and/or department. Coordinate customer communications, staff events and payroll deadlines for example.

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