Empowering employees and getting things done

The best intranets are not only about communications, but also places where work gets done. Intelligent Intranet helps you to do your job well and with efficiency.

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With years and years in heavy use by a diverse set of large organisations, Intelligent Intranet is full of functionality that makes it ideal whichever hat you are wearing – be it that of a user, content editor, FocusXpert or intranet manager. And whether you are a line manager or project manager, work in IT, HR or communications, there are special treats for you.

Intranet functionality that helps you to get results without a sweat

Automatic content versioning

Built in, the system takes care of it, and automatically shows the latest published version to users. Content owners can go view earlier versions conveniently at any time.

Comprehensive audit

If you ever need to find out what someone has done, there is an easy audit trail report available for authorised administrators. Again, no need to wait for someone else to dig out data for you.


Not the movie sort but group action lists for retail stores, project managers, allocated individual team members or individual stores. Simple actionable items, with deadlines, gets things done.

Gives great visibility for team leaders and managers and has reporting built in.

Document library

Best things are often beautifully simple – no wonder the document library with its own categorisation and keywording is widely used and embraced as the place to find documents, forms, policies, reports or even links to other resources. Users just love it.

Annual leave and other leave

Holidays are important to people, and employees deserve their requests for annual leave to be dealt with promptly and fairly. Intelligent Intranet makes managing annual leave and other types of leave, such as time off in lieu, straightforward.

System configuration

Many of the system configuration settings have a browser interface, so as an intranet manager you can amend them without complicated scripts or server configuration.

Forms and workflows

Adding a form to the intranet – easy drag and drop, available to all content editors. Get results by email and export to Excel. Tick, job done.

ToDo lists

Things to do. But if ToDo makes you think of a bird you are not the only one.

The beloved ToDo list – whether invoices to approve, content to review, documents to approve – lets you get things off your list easily when you don’t have to scroll through your email to find them.

Tools for the manager

Ensuring adequate resource within the team is made easier by the manager’s holiday report. This tool helps to avoid end of year panic with everyone needing to take their remaining annual leave at the same time!

Special projects made easy

Special projects, special areas for the intranet? Whilst your defaults should be standard across the intranet, you can easily apply different look and feel for a particular content area – e.g. environmental awareness day, or charity section - just select a different template.

Minimize management

Distributed content management, automatic content notifications and content expiry, and built-in usage statistics, all from within your browser, means that your time is freed up to think about the content and business improvement.

Extended rights

As an intranet manager, you may wish to be quite specific about who can do what. SO whilst assigning user roles is easy, it is equally easy to make the user rights just right. Those who use Photoshop should have the right to add images to digital asset library, right?

Flexible roles

With Intelligent Intranet you get the speed of setting user rights based on predefined roles, and the capability for a very granular control to add specific rights to selected users.

No folder admin, ever

You will never ever have to create folders, or manage access to file system with Intelligent Intranet – the CMS protects the files based on easy to setup content access rules

Delegate content oversight

Delegating content areas to FocusXperts is a great way of empowering people and also making sure you have enough ‘intranet champions’ in the business. It also means that no one person gets tied up with the job. It is a win win.

Adding more templates and styles

All you need is someone with html and css skills to create your own templates – and if you have the rights to do so, you can add them to the system via the intranet Control Centre. There is no need to bother the busy IT team.

Who do you trust with HTML?

In the right hands the ability to add a custom piece of HTML (or CSS) to a page can be very powerful indeed. With Intelligent Intranet you can add an HTML option for selected, technically skilled users.

Transfer of content ownership

If a content editor leaves, their content will automatically be transferred to a colleague all at once. For exceptions, you can of course transfer content ownership on a case by case basis too – ensuring that the content will always have an owner.

Automatic clean up

Nothings turns users off as much as out of date content. But how long should content stay on? Well it depends. You can easily setup up different default valid until dates depending on the content so that for sale posts are automatically removed after N weeks, but policy documents stay on until the next review date / next version.

Automated routines

Kicking off routine tasks, reminders, notifications, transfer of owner - all is handled by Intelligent Intranet.


Why not tap into the collective wisdom in defining best practice or gathering together everything essential about a given topic? Intelligent Intranet wikis are taggable, versioned, searchable and easily linked to all other content on the intranet – and editable by everyone or specific groups of users as appropriate.

Digital asset libraries

Full features digital asset library keeps photos organised and available to all content editors to use.

Approve or moderate?

One rule does not fit everything, so you can apply approval rules by content area and by user. And what’s best, delegate any approvals to FocusXperts.

Portal to other applications

Gather links to all other applications, web enabled or legacy, in one place for easy access. Uniquely tailored to each user depending which ones they use.

Single sign on

User account creation and updates can be automated based on Active Directory or a feed from your payroll.