ACTION! app available on intranet, extranet and iOS

Smart Media® Actions app is a great time saver and communication tool for retail organisations and anyone with multiple sites or field locations - or even for sales and account management teams to record actions per customer visit.

Designed to use within an organisation to record, communicate and assign tasks related to field sites or retail outlets.

Great for

  • area managers,
  • ops directors,
  • facilities and health and safety audits,
  • point of sale appearance and
  • mystery shopping.

ACTION! app can also be used to assign corrective actions from audits conducted with Smart Media® Intelligent WorkFlow™.

Record issues to be done, add photos to illustrate, assign as actions to yourself or other people within your organisation, keep track of deadlines and completions, and evidence with photos.

Before completion, you and the assignees can add further photos and comments to show progress.

Group actions

Group actions allow you to alert group of users or sites to perform a certain action, e.g. change retail display or gather back old point of sale material.