Workflow and business process improvement software

Intelligent WorkFlow allows you to rationalise your systems and empower IT and business users to create online processes that are easy to use and quick to adapt to your changing business requirements.

agile business process workflow

Rapid route to operational efficiency

Intelligent WorkFlow™ is the easiest workflow software to deploy people oriented business processes, whether for internal operations or for customer services.

Mobile online/offline

Whether you have operatives in the field who need to capture data on the move, or you need to provide time efficient solutions for your smartphone users, Intelligent WorkFlow allows you to create secure mobile forms without additional costly development.

Two-way integration

Data lookups and integration to create one version of the truth is the key for data integrity, elimination of unnecessary replication and will extend the useful life of your existing systems – all improving operational efficiency and saving time and money.

Ease of use

You do not need specialist programming skills or huge amounts of consultancy to create effective business processes with Intelligent WorkFlow™. What you need is a good business mind and logical process thinking – and you could be surprised who your new workflow stars are.

workflow in manufacturing floor

Different processes, different business areas - the same software

By design, Intelligent WorkFlow™ has no limits thanks to its uniquely scalable data structure. You can create as many processes as you want. You can have as many fields as you want. You can integrate to almost anything - even to old legacy databases.

Intelligent WorkFlow™ is used by a variety of industry sectors, including retailers, brand owners, manufacturing, financial services, property management, public sector and corporate head offices, to make their operations more efficient.


Not all processes are alike – some are simple, some can have very sophisticated/ complex/ intricate rules,
some are infrequent but important, some are repeated over and over again and others are mission critical and complex. Intelligent WorkFlow enables you to manage all these processes within the same framework allowing you to gain significant return on investment.

Learn more about different processes Intelligent WorkFlow is used for:

Field audits

Create audit forms easily, with optional scoring, and fill in on as required basis or use the automatic kick-off rules to make sure all audits are done regularly. With native mobile apps providing true offline capability and background synchronisation when back online, it could not be easier.

Human resources

From new starter and leaver process to holiday requisitions, customisable starter process definitions make it even easier for you to get started.

Corporate forms

Quickly turn your forms into online processes - from travel requests to training evaluation, from capex requisitions to new supplier setup forms - and add value through validation, data integration and process analytics.

Invoice management

Allows invoice approvers to work from anywhere, and even external auditors can review the process online.

Product development

Time to market is crucial, and being able to customise products is a clear competitive advantage and for some industries, a sheer necessity. Intelligent WorkFlow helps R&D and manufacturing organisations to build a fast bridge from sales and marketing to production.

Regulatory compliance

Financial organisations and listed companies have to make sure that employees know the rules.

Quality management

Document control and distribution, making sure staff get related training and tracking of non-conformances together with follow-on preventative actions are all part of the quality system.

Shared service centres

From travel authorisations to setting up a new supplier record, life can be made that much easier by organising those processes with Intelligent WorkFlow™

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