Human resource processes

Employee self-service is often offered as part of the payroll and personnel system. However, most HR systems are either limited in their scope or it comes in an expensive additional module.

Intelligent WorkFlow is a flexible, easy to deploy and modern companion to any HR system. It brings people processes close to people, to form a seamless part of your intranet.

  • Holiday processes
  • New starter process including recruitment requests
  • Leavers process
  • Training requests, evaluations and record keeping

Secure data lookups and updates

You can securely lookup data from the HR system, with data access strictly controlled as you need it to be. You can choose to update data back to HR system either automatically, or after an HR professional has reviewed and approved the update.

Easy process rules

Whether a request for new staff, leaver process or performance reviews, the process rules and forms are easily configurable to suit your organisation – and for you to amend them as and when needed. So you can carry on benefiting from Intelligent WorkFlow and get a good return on investment.

Templated emails

At any stage in any process you can define what emails should be sent, how they should be worded and what dynamic information the email should contain. You can amend the wording based on the data.

Avoid being short staffed at the end of the year

Do you ever end up in a situation where the holiday year is coming to an end and many departments end up short staffed as people are making sure they don’t lose their holiday? Intelligent WorkFlow helps to even out the holidays by giving users visibility to how much holiday they have left. And equally importantly, managers have a dashboard view of how their team holiday profile looks month by month – so you can plan your resources and give a nudge.

Holidays for international teams

Especially in an international organisation, the holiday entitlement rules and bank holidays can be rather varied, even between England and Scotland – and if you have experience in Spanish regional holidays, you have an idea of what is involved.

A question of fair play

Timely handling of holiday requests, formally allocating time off in lieu and consistent carry over rules are hugely important for all staff and the sense of fairness. Intelligent WorkFlow helps you to give line managers better tools to be good managers.

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