Field audits - be it brand, compliance, health and safety

Whether you are providing field audit services to others or have your own team of auditors and regional managers, the flexibility Intelligent WorkFlow offers will help you to be more competitive, more compliant and to excel at customer service.

Field audit software in use at a wind farm

Online & offline

Auditing the wine cellar? No problem. If you don’t have 3G / 4G access or wifi, with the mobile audit app you can seamlessly carry on outside network coverage. And the data gets automatically synchronised once you are connected again.

Scoring the audit results

When the overall results are not just black and white, easily setup scoring per audit question or observation values, with total score automatically calculated for you. The scores are then available for further analysis, and dashboards.

Not just observations but take action!

At the end of the day any field observations or audits are intended to improve whatever it is that you are measuring, be that performance, compliance, process. Whilst you observe, you can note down the required actions for either yourself or a colleague who can do something about it.

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