Form Creator for data capture forms and surveys

There are often many simple corporate forms which themselves start a small process in their own right, from hire car authorisation to season ticket loan application form and capital expenditure requisitions.

With Intelligent WorkFlow you can make these quickly and easily available on your intranet, extranet and on mobile.

Free up IT resources

Quite often business departments may approach IT to ask for an online form to be created to capture specific data, a survey perhaps or an events booking or similar.

Straightforward enough, but you may have more business critical matters at hand and be short of resources.

Imagine if you could equip the business departments with an easy to use but powerful tool that allows them to create the forms themselves in a way that won't compromise your systems security or cause you a support headache?

Smart Media Intelligent WorkFlowTM incorporates an easy to use form creator that allows you to empower your business users whilst maintaining integrity of your systems.

Avoid a patchquilt of disparate systems

For any one type of form there is probably a small app or service - but do you really want a hundred of different ones? Intelligent WorkFlow allows all these processes and apps to be created within one safe and secure system.

Drag & drop

Quickly and easily create intelligent forms with the drag & drop interface, or save even more time by cloning a previous process if the rules are going to be similar.

Data integration

Look up data from other systems to avoid keying in incorrect data, and export form data to your other systems at any stage of the process

Conditional approvals

Approving a new manufacturing investment of £10million requires a very different approval process to purchasing a new server worth £3,000 – and in either case the process may depend whether the item was budgeted or not. With the conditional routing you can easily setup rules for levels of approvals and who needs to approve depending on data value.

Dynamic forms

Create dynamic forms that show different fields depending on how previous questions were answered using the conditional field rules, easily setup without any programming.

Email notifications, reminders and escalations - and results

Easily setup rules and templates to notify actioners of new items in their ToDo list, and setup reminders and even escalations. You can also command the results of the form to be emailed – even to an external partner for further processing. For example, approved car hire requests can be emailed to your car hire partner company, with just the data fields they require.

Dynamic data search

No matter what your form is, you can easily create a customised search page to find forms based on data entered. No programming required, awesome.

Online reports

Save search into an online report, re-runnable with a single click, and export results to Excel for saving or further analysis.

Audit trail and history

Full history and audit trail of any approvals or amendments to the form data are automatically available to the process owner.


Test the process with the built-in simulator that allows you to test every step in the process by ‘putting on a hat’ of a colleague and seeing what they would see.

Keep it under wraps - online surveys

Why not use the workflow forms to create multi-part surveys too? That way you keep them within your control rather than at a less secure third party web service. Multi-page survey template is built-in to Intelligent WorkFlow and you can include any type of form field in the survey including question grids.

Add attachments

Add attachments to accompany the online form, e.g. financial calculations related to a capital expenditure project.

The Intelligent Form Creator is part of Intelligent WorkFlow and also available on its own with Intelligent Intranet and Intelligent WebCentre.

Ideal for

  • Retailers
  • Holiday and other staff forms
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Data capture
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Stationery orders
  • Councils and other public sector organisations.

Great for:

Operational forms such as new supplier requests, stock re-ordering, tenancy related forms
Invoice management process
Policy and procedures document management
Capital expenditure process
Service request prioritisation
Customer credit account setup process
Managing new starters and leavers
Staff forms
Accidents and incidents reporting
Compliance audits
and many more

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