Invoice management with Intelligent WorkFlow™

Keeping track of incoming invoices is important for your cost control and forecasting, and will help with supplier negotiations.

Smart Media Supplier Invoice Management solution is ideal for

  • anyone who does not want a massive ERP project or
  • those who are processing invoices on behalf of multiple entities, such as property management companies or fund management companies
  • anyone who wants access to the invoice management system securely from any browser wherever they are.

Are you processing large volume of invoices each month? Are you still printing out invoices or emailing them to be approved? Do you end up chasing for approvals? Are the invoices coded correctly? Do you have a way of looking up any invoice at any time quickly just from within your browser?

When you need a solution to process invoices electronically, choose Smart Media Supplier Invoice Management solution for a flexible and effective solution.

Automate and reduce invoice handling costs.
Improve invoice data quality with automatic lookups.
Integrate with ERP and other systems.
Speed up processing of invoices to gain fast payer discounts.
Detect duplicate invoices.
Save archiving costs by taking hard copies off site as soon as they have been scanned.
Improve corporate governance with defined rules and processes.
Facilitate productive remote working.

This invoice processing solution is built around a powerful workflow software package, and has been proven in high volume use by people who provide professional invoice administration for their clients.

  • Easy to define and flexible workflow process tools.
  • Role-based routing with lookups from your existing databases.
  • Integrates to your accounts payables or banking system.
  • Easily define different rules for different types of invoices.
  • Scan / upload invoices in one or multiple locations.
  • Fast and easy online approvals via your intranet.
  • Standard browser is all you need on user PCs or tablet or smartphone
  • Add any other data validations you require.
  • Apply authorisation rules.
  • Automatic email notifications and escalations.
  • Fast and easy online approvals via your intranet – approvers need no other software than a browser.
  • Add any other data validations you require.

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