Intelligent WorkFlow in product development and product variant processes

There are numerous processes involving product development that, when implemented with Intelligent WorkFlow, will improve decision making, leave less room for costly mistakes and leave more time for product specialists to actually develop the products – and enable your teams to close those sales.

Improved data quality and visibility

Such fringe processes range from part number allocation to pricing of product variants and requesting setup of new supplier records. Move away from ad hoc emails and spreadsheets to speed up the process and improve data quality. In addition, when all parties can see status of the case - be that the sales team, finance or R&D – they can plan their own workload better.

Responding to customer requirements

Many business to business manufacturers receive enquiries for products that are not quite what they currently manufacture. Do you? How quickly can you generate accurate quotations? Do you need to involve sourcing, purchasing, R&D, production engineering, and technical documentation teams?

Speed and visibility of the process to get all bases covered and the quote to the customer are essential. Having a part number and product pricing workflow has helped world-class manufacturers such as ITT to get better data for decision making and to respond quicker to sales enquiries.

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