Integrating online forms, workflows and business processes

Whilst you can improve the quality of data capture with online forms, two-way integration of data really gives you operational efficiency and cost savings.

Automagic fields

If you have the data, let Intelligent WorkFlow look it up. And not only one piece of information, but also automagically fill in any related data too. Not only do you save time for the person filling in the form, you will also ensure that the data used is up-to-date and consistent.

Update other systems

Intelligent Workflow makes updating other systems that much easier. You can do this in real time using one of the very powerful data integration formats available in Intelligent WorkFlow, or via various file protocols.

Kick it off!

You can automatically kick off processes based on an output of another process - whether an in-house or external process. So you have all the tools to benefit from interconnected processes.

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