Business process management feature overview

Intelligent WorkFlow is a 100% browser based, scalable and open architecture business process management tool for intranet and extranet use.

Ease of use

Its flexible and easy to use interface allows process owners and business analysts to convert complex process rules, forms, and routing into unified end-user steps that are efficient and easy to understand by the participants.

Feature Overview

Here are just a few of the many features that will benefit your project:-

  • Versatile, comprehensive form functionality.
  • Powerful routing engine caters for the most complex processes with role based, hierarchical, group and conditional routing including parallel routing and bounce back handling.
  • Secure routing of documents and other attachments.
  • Versioning.
  • Simulation.
  • Multi-level access control.
  • Choice of authentication levels, from PINs to digital signatures.
  • Powerful online reporting tools and extracts to other systems.
  • Call-in and Call-out functions.
  • Automatic email alerts and notifications.
  • Powerful process statistics.
  • Audit trail.
  • Real time task management.
  • Combined to-do lists and dashboards.
  • Scalable and cluster ready architecture.
  • Payment integration.
  • XML, fax, email and text message interfaces.
  • Secure deployment across intranet/extranet.
Customisable with web technologies
Taking part in a business process does not need to look dull – you can customise the interface using standard Internet technologies (HTML5 and CSS).
Fully scalable with no limits
Intelligent WorkFlow™ has a uniquely scalable data architecture so you can create as many processes as you need.
Process visibility
Never lose sight of a case with real time visibility and advanced case data searches easily customised to suit each process.
Create a single view
Different processes and cases may relate to one common object, be it a customer, employee or place. With Intelligent WorkFlow™ widgets you can view all the cases relating to a common object easily in one place.
Data protection
Choosing between visible, private and personal processes allows you to define who is able to see the data in each stage. In addition to process-wide rules, you can fine-tune the access for each process step down to individual data field level.
Built-in real-time reporting
Find out actual processing times per step, waiting times, completions, process queues per stage easily from your process dashboard.
Export to your business intelligence
Whether you want to write your own custom reports or export the data to your reporting servers or business intelligence tools, the data is exportable to customisable SQL reporting tables
Ad hoc analysis
For any ad hoc analysis, easily export data into Excel.
Seamless part of your intranet
Whether you are using Intelligent Intranet or some other intranet software, you can seamlessly add process screens to be part of your intranet.
Bulk approvals
Often one person, such as the Finance Director, ends up approving lot of forms, be they invoices or expenses. With customisable key data visible at a glance, many can be ‘bulk’ approved.
ToDo Widgets
Not the ancient bird but things to do. Make each employees process ToDo list available on any other web application, be it your intranet, help desk or CRM.
Powerful routing engine
You can speed up many processes by taking advantage of parallel and conditional routing options together with bounce back rules.
Fully customisable email notifications
Some users will love to receive an email, some prefer not to. You can easily define initial notifications and reminders with personalised content and custom text.
Flexible thinking, dynamic actioners
You won’t always know beforehand who should action a particular stage in a process – but the person in the previous step will, so you can let them choose. That little bit of flexibility makes the process modelling that much easier and your process more agile.
Role based routing
Many tasks need to be done by the person holding a certain job role rather than a named individual. Intelligent WorkFlow™ even comes with several organisational structures so you can easily define the role holders in case you don’t already have them in another database.
Secure routing of documents and other attachments
Keep all the files together with the case protected.
Cloning and exporting
You can export and import process definitions – very handy for trialling new rules or creating a similar process
Easy simulation
When you model the process, you can simulate with ‘run-as’ user simulations to make sure you know what each participant will see.
Reusable integration components
Database lookup routines can be added to a resource library so they are available to more than one process definition without needing to share the database access details.
Audit trail and data history
If the need arises, you can find out if any data values have been changed along the way.
Enjoy your holiday
Process participants can deputise their role temporarily when on holiday – keeping things moving. This and many other process lifecycle features help to speed up the processing.
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