Workflow deployment made easy

For your organisation to be able to nimbly adjust and improve its processes in a fast moving competitive market, your business process modelling tools need to be easy to use and quick to deploy.

Deploy faster and with confidence

With the benefit of ready to go software, you can be in a position to pilot your workflow processes quickly - leaving more time to get user feedback and add customisation where required so that your every requirement is met. As a result, you can deploy faster and with confidence.

You at the heart of delivering business value

Process modelling takes place with an easy to use web interface. You don't need any scripting or coding to create, test and deploy multi-step processes. You will find that most employees will be able to quickly grasp the process concepts, and create the forms, the phases and the rules.

Integration components that require more technical knowledge have been arranged so that your technical team can create a library of them for other users to deploy in their processes.

Whilst we at Smart Media are always available to give some extra help should you need it, companies using Intelligent WorkFlow tend to create and modify their processes for various business needs without any external consultancy – and that is how we like it the best - putting you at the heart of delivering business value.

Real-time data

Intelligent WorkFlow ™ gives management and process owners real time visibility of progress, built-in reporting and highlights areas for improvement.

The workflow statistics show which steps take the longest or cause iterations and bounce backs in the process. If you find out that either certain people or certain process steps are frequently referred back for amendments or further information, then you have an opportunity to find out how to streamline and further improve the process.

Analyse, improve, roll-out

Intelligent WorkFlow is so agile, you can begin the process and adapt your workflows at any time to continuously improve or to entirely re-design the processes.

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