Workflow training and consultancy

At Smart Media we keep the consultancy short and effective, adding value with requirements gathering and process modelling.

Process improvement

When changing over to electronic workflows, it is important to distinguish between:-

  • Conversion of a paper based process into an electronic process
  • Re-engineering or changing of the process.

And to quote Peter Drucker "there is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all".

Process discovery - amazing it can be

It is sometimes amazing what one discovers when analysing the existing manual process:

rules that 'people just know what to do' , manual checks, emails going back and forth, multiple Excel spreadsheets, waiting times...

Implicit rules and decisions need to be explicitly defined. Online data capture allows many of the manual checks to be done automatically, and sending emails back and forth or updating a myriad of spreadsheets can be replaced with real-time online reports. Online, multiple steps can take place at the same time in so called parallel phases, speeding up the overall process.

Training services

Anyone with a natural ability for logical process thinking and attention to detail to think through different real life scenarios can be an Intelligent WorkFlowTM administrator. From IT developers to business analysts to purchasing managers and communications assistants, users are creating most innovative and useful workflows that enable their organisations and departments to improve efficiency, data quality and real-time reporting.

The following courses are available:
- Intelligent WorkFlow administrator course - 2 days
- Intelligent WorkFlow technical course - 1 day

Technical training

Technical training allows those with database skills to integrate the workflows with other systems, whether pulling data from an old mainframe database or updating data back to another database.

Those with HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills will learn how to customise the form layout and behaviour for any specific requirements the workflow administrators may have.

Intelligent WorkFlow is so agile, you can begin the process and adapt your workflows at any time to continuously improve or to entirely re-design the processes.

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