Mobile online and offline

Intelligent WorkFlow is the first and only truly web enabled business process workflow software, giving you freedom to work from anywhere.

Browser is all you need on a client device

In addition to users interacting with the process from any browser enabled device, process administrators and creators can use all of the Intelligent WorkFlow™ functionality with a standard browser.

Thanks to using Internet standards, any forms and reports can be made responsive like any website.


Go offline with native apps

Not connected all the time? Not a problem. Native mobile apps module is available for Intelligent WorkFlow, which allows data to be captured offline and automatically synchronised to the central server or the cloud when back online.

Especially for field staff and sales force

Whatever the form or action you need to do, you have the ability to create the process. Here just some examples what our clients are using mobile workflows for:

Compliance audits
Competitor analysis
Brand audits
Field exams
Field surveys

Follow-up with actions

Impeccable execution is as important as having the right strategy in the first place.

With Smart Media Actions! App, your field operatives have a simple and effective tool to assign and manage actions so they get done in a timely manner without wasting time with emails and chase up emails. Central staff will love the ability to assign and follow-up common tasks that need to be done by multiple people or outlets– for example to action a manufacturers product recall notice.

Mobile security

Whether you choose an on-premise installation or managed service in a private cloud, a robust authentication and encryption protocol together with timeouts and automatic data purging facilities are configurable to match the nature of your data.

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