Intelligent WorkFlowis an agile BPM tool that allows you to stay ahead

Some people call it Business Process Modelling or BMP software - but many prefer 'Workflow'. Whatever you want to call it, you know it is a very powerful tool to structure, streamline and automate your business processes.

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number of transactions customers process
typical number of processes clients manage using the software
Number of processes, forms and fields can be created

Intelligent WorkFlow gives you and your organisation an easy to use tool that allows you to streamline a myriad of disparate systems into a secure and robust framework.

It is like creating your own web applications without any scripting or programming - so that those individuals who know the processes can improve them. This reduces costs, speeds things up and encourages innovation at all levels of the organisation. Awesome.

With the built-in mobile forms and workflows there is yet another good reason to join the IT and business teams who deliver operational efficiency to business with Intelligent WorkFlow.

Empower your teams

For truly efficient operations you need to strive to improve and streamline your day-to-day business tasks. You and your teams know best how. With an easy to use interface that allows non-technical users to create online processes, you can empower your teams to solve business challenges and take control of their processes.

Allow IT to focus on their expertise

With no special installations needed for process creators or users participating in the tasks, your IT team can focus on strategic system integration.

Smart Media Intelligent WorkFlow™ offers a rapid route to business process improvement and cost savings:

Easy and cost effective roll-out

As there is no extra client software to install, all that is required is a standard browser.

Secure data controls enable wide deployment

Intelligent Workflow allows you to control who can see what data on a process by process and phase by phase basis. It also protects your integration components from unauthorised use. Thus you can safely roll out the tool to all departments and don't have to keep it within IT.

Straightforward enterprise licensing

Intelligent Workflow does not limit the number of workflows you can define or the number of users involved, or the number of workflow administrators for that matter.

Speed up time critical processes

Where the workflow involves time critical processes or people who are constantly on the move, you can use email to notify them of a pending task - or deploy Intelligent WorkFlow mobile apps. Even without a native mobile app, you can always use the workflows over SSL VPN.

Low administrative and training overhead

Integrates fully with Active Directory, and Intelligent Intranet™ or your existing intranet solution. Therefore there is no separate maintenance for user details or organisational charts, and all the related help and process documentation can be easily created with the Intelligent Intranet. End-users will quickly and effortlessly be able to participate in the workflow, as it is as easy to use as the intranet.

Low cost of ownership

Intelligent WorkFlow runs on an industry standard platform, either on dedicated servers, or on a virtual environment, and as a managed service in a private cloud. It is easy on email systems and diskspace, all data stored in a robust SQL database (MS-SQL or Oracle) - so you don't need massive infrastructure investment or specialist hardware.

Significant gains in productivity

When employees can work on their processes anytime and from anywhere, and see the status in real time, that leads to increased productivity, reduction in phone calls and emails - and the great sense of achievement that comes from getting things done.

Easy to use and deploy

WorkFlows can be set up using a straightforward web interface. After an initial 2 day training course, most people are comfortable planning, creating and testing their own forms and processes. There is no need to buy in, or contract people, with proprietary skills. This means you can start reaping the benefits very quickly indeed.

Affordable enterprise wide deployment

Intelligent Intranet Workflow does not depend on any particular desktop software such as MSOffice. Therefore, you can introduce automatic business processes to retail, manufacturing and call centres - areas that do not traditionally have access to desktop applications - without expensive licensing and installation costs.

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