Shared service centres thrive on Intelligent WorkFlow

From simple cases of rental car booking authorisation to invoice approvals and new supplier setup process and payment requests, Intelligent WorkFlow helps shared service centres to deliver a timely and ‘right first time’ service as they receive consistent and complete information from business units.

And by the way, you can involve external suppliers, such as your travel company or preferred car rental company, in your processes too.

Good corporate governance

Is your selection of sub-contractors and suppliers taking into account anti-bribery checks? How are you ensuring that your contracts team does not have conflicts of interest? Can you demonstrate that you have a consistent process and that it is being used in every case? Can your process rules take into account proportionality? With Intelligent WorkFlow the supplier selection process is easy to implement with compliance monitored and audited. That is just one example of how a FTSE 100 company uses Intelligent WorkFlow to apply good corporate governance.

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