Quality management process

Know your processes, define how they need to be handled and managed, and make sure the process is followed each and every time.

Start now

With Intelligent WorkFlow following the process becomes automatic, and the online reporting and audits show that is the case to your quality auditors.

But what’s best, with the online analytics, you can spot improvement opportunities and continually improve the process as well as eliminate any root causes for problems.

Quality systems do not have to be scary or feel humungous tasks – you can start right now to move your paper or email-based quality processes online.

Document control

At the heart of any quality system is the need to have documented processes and procedures that are regularly reviewed and approved. Equally important is to know that everyone is following the latest version. Intelligent WorkFlow not only manages the review and approval process, it also makes sure that your intranet includes the latest approved version of the controlled documents.

Non-conformance and Corrective Actions

Create online processes and tracking for recording non-conformances, with root cause analysis and follow up with corrective actions to create a closed loop.

Customer complaints

Intelligent WorkFlow helps to ensure customer complaints are treated fairly, according to the process and within agreed timelines. If there is any risk of timelines slipping, trigger reminders and escalation rules according to the SLA. With the real time status visible on the intranet, internal reporting to the board becomes easy.

Training management

Manage training requirements and training records in connection to standard operating procedures and as a result of any corrective action. Automatically tie in training records to user profiles so that each employee can easily review their own records, and let authorised supervisors make sure their team has received required training before commencing the job.

Supplier management

Whether it is about setting up a new supplier and making sure all the relevant audits and checks have been satisfactorily conducted, or making sure that existing suppliers are regularly audited for their financial, quality and ethical standing, Intelligent Enterprise makes this easy to set up and manage. With the native mobile apps for filling in the audits, you can get the results from factory audits quickly in to central sourcing.

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