Intranet integration

From single sign-on to payroll and business intelligence, Intelligent IntranetTM has plenty of connectors and methods to make your investment go further

Thanks to the open architecture and built-in support for external applications, you can extend the life of your existing applications by making them available from and part of the intranet.

For many systems, a built in connector already exists, so integration does not need to mean a lot of development.

Commonly used integration interfaces

  • Single Sign-on with Active Directory and LDAP
  • Business Objects and Cognos
  • Email integration
  • XML Newsfeed API
  • Dashboards
  • Any web based application
  • Non-web based application integration
  • Human resources applications
  • Financial systems
  • Social media feeds
  • Outlook
  • CRM systems
  • Housing management systems
  • Property management systems
  • Address validation
  • Mapping
  • Credit checking

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