Automated report distribution and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the intranet

No more clogging up emails. No more drop box. No more confidential reports in private mail servers... Instead, more automation, more security, less demand on IT infrastructure. Love it.

Report distribution

Whether your daily / weekly /monthly reports are intended for everyone or whether each business unit / department / factory / store / hotel needs to see just their own reports, Intelligent Intranet automates the distribution - and keeps the documents securely within the intranet.

Once the mapping rules of who should get which reports is setup, all you need to do is to get your BI reports saved in one place and Intelligent Intranet takes care of the rest. It even alerts users that there is a new report available (by email @smile) - and gives you real time statistics of who has looked at the report.

From reports to KPI dashboards

Many PDF or Excel reports are full of data, so much so that it is hard to see what is important. Turn your reports into intranet dashboard, and you will have fewer but more meaningful reports, designed specifically to serve the needs of each role.

Fully configurable KPIs cater for

  • financial and non-financial KPIs,
  • budgets, estimates and actuals,
  • daily, weekly, monthly or periods by custom calendar
  • roll-up rules from store / area / region / division / business unit

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