Intelligent Intranet™ for Enterprise

The Intelligent Intranet Enterprise is the ideal solution for multi-divisional organisations where different business units require a certain degree of autonomy, whilst sharing appropriate content with other divisions.

Its unique content domain based architecture balances the need for central control and divisional demands of autonomy.

The perfect balance

A traditional issue with enterprise wide software choices is that different business units and divisions are often tempted to go and do their own thing. With the Intelligent Intranet Enterprise you have a choice of allowing all or some of the business units to autonomously administer and configure their intranet, whilst maintaining corporate standards, unified access and content sharing.

This offers enormous cost savings and ease of deployment compared to implementing disparate intranets and document management systems or portal only solutions.

Private cloud or on-premises - the choice is yours

Whether you want to utilise your investment in your own secure data centre facilities or outsource the hosting to a private cloud, the choice is yours. In either case, Smart Media will provide full support and upgrades to your installation to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations.

The more the merrier

Your intranet usage should not be limited by license constraint or per user costs. With Smart Media you will enjoy straightforward licensing that is even more cost effective the more users you have.

CROWN Holdings is one of the largest packaging companies in the world, with over 17000 employees in Europe across its multiple business sectors.

Find out how Intelligent Intranet Enterprise provides them with easy to use and flexible intranet.

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