Go mobile with Intelligent Intranet™


Whether you allow users to bring their own devices or issue corporate mobiles, your employees need access to your intranet to get things done. So let's do it!

Responsive intranet

Like you browse any modern website on a tablet or mobile, so can you view your Intelligent Intraneton a mobile. Contact your Intelligent Intranet support team if you are still using old style templates.

Access your intranet when offline too

Chances are that your intranet is bigger than what can be stored locally on a mobile device. But there is plenty modern devices can store. Intelligent Intranet allows you to configure the content areas that are most needed offline.

Mobile dashboards with Intelligent Intranet™


Smart Media turn live data feeds into easily understood business information that is available on your intranet and on the move on your smartphone or tablet. It is secure, it is personalized and it is timely and relevant, so you can make better decisions wherever you are.

Your business is unique

And that’s why Smart Media Intelligent Workplace™ offers great flexibility to define your KPIs, your data sources and how they are presented.

Too often traditional BI leads to information overload followed by ‘excellitus’. Smart Media helps you to have a fresh look at your data to define the dashboards you really need – and give you space to think.

Get the business intelligence you need, when you need it and wherever you are.

Dashboards are not just for the executive board, but the right dashboard is an operationally vital tool for area managers by whatever name - area managers, regional managers, business development managers - the people in your organisation that are key to seamless execution of the strategy and guardians of your brand and standards in the field.

At Smart Media we are experts in working with field operatives to design simple but effective dashboards that deliver exactly the right information in an easily understandable format. After all, you did not hire your field staff for their Excel skills!


Impeccable execution is as important as having the right strategy in the first place.

With Smart Media Actions! App, your field operatives have a simple and effective tool to assign and manage actions so they get done in a timely manner without wasting time with emails and chase up emails. Central staff will love the ability to assign and follow-up common tasks that need to be done by multiple people or outlets– for example to action a manufacturers product recall notice.

Mobile security

We share your concerns about data security. That’s why we have built a robust authentication protocol where timeouts and automatic data wiping facilities are configurable to match the nature of your data. We will conduct security risk assessment with your team and together ensure that systems, policies and procedures are in place so that you don’t have to lose sleep over it.