Document management

Intelligent Intranet™ allows you to organize, review, share and control your company’s electronic documents as well as documents originating from third parties.

Intelligent Document Management™ does not require complex configuration or client software installations. It complies with corporate governance and quality system requirements for document approval workflows and review procedures, detailed audit trail and real-time access statistics.

Document management software

Good governance and compliance

Being able to ensure and prove that an important document is read by all relevant employees can save your organisation from costly mistakes. Mandatory reads, when used sparingly, is an excellent facility and works not just with documents but native intranet articles too.

Not all documents are the same - some are one-off letters or personal notes, some are regularly reviewed policies and procedures, some are ‘static’ PDFs originating from outside the organisation but needed by employees. Your approach to document management needs to be flexible to allow the most appropriate handling of each document type.

A little bit of planning goes a long way

Whilst there is no need to overcomplicate, there is inevitably some planning to do.

  • How will you categorise and keyword (also called gathering metadata) existing documents.
  • What other metadata needs to be gathered about the documents (often this can be automatically derived, phew)
  • Which documents require regular reviews and approvals and what should these workflow rules be
  • Consider the whole document lifecycle including document retention periods and possible data protection requirements.

Intelligent Document Management enables you to:-

  • improve efficiency by creating a findable and indexed secure document repository
  • gain control of the document versions and distribution
  • enable effective document sharing, collaboration and tracking without duplication
  • manage special records such as invoices, client letters, contracts and agreements in a manner that best suits your processes
  • define, manage and control key document approvals and review processes.

The beauty of Intelligent Intranet document management is that you don’t have to tackle all different types of documents at once, but you have the flexibility of getting organised step by step – and this is often more successful and less painful than an all encompassing document management project.

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