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Intelligent Intranet for retail

The Intelligent Intranet allows instant messaging to and from stores without a need for store email.

Instant communications

In any retail organisation with traditional bricks and mortar store outlets, communication to the stores is often done via email or via till.

Email does not really produce the right results as, due to the high staff turnaround typical of the retail environment, free access to email from a store is not always desirable.

The built-in support for division/region/store hierarchy allows communication to be targeted to one or more regions, thus making it a useful tool for the regional manager too.

Centralised Store Database

The built-in store database is essential for any organisation with retail outlets.

Customer services can quickly locate the nearest store for a calling-in customer, with accurate information on store opening hours, services available from each store and how to get there.

Information about the stores can be fed to a public web site.

  • Instant communication between retail support and stores.
  • Continuous and standardised in-store training.
  • All product information constantly up-to-date.
  • Integrates with existing systems.
  • Competitor information disseminated through the entire network instantly.
  • Database content linked to ecommerce website and in-store kiosks.
  • Seamless integration to other in-house systems.
  • Instant roll-out of new applications.
  • Platform for all store reports, bringing significant cost savings in report distribution.
  • Significant cost savings with form handling.
  • Essential tool in maintaining Health and Safety and environmental compliance.
  • Controlled access to essential business websites for stores without expensive or complicated network changes.

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