Intranets for your sales teams

When you are preparing for a customer meeting, or at the meeting, the sales person's intranet needs to be focused on the task at hand. With Intelligent Intranet's personal work spaces and specific templates, Intelligent Intranet is loved by sales people on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Provides sales staff with tools and ammunition to close deals.
  • Includes central contact management database with mail merge capabilities.
  • Reduces time to prepare sales presentations.
  • Content can be published in its original format without a need to convert to HTML
  • Content is organised into relevant topics for ease of access.
  • Old content is automatically removed.
  • Content can be moderated.
  • Distributed publishing allows collation of all sales presentations for re-use.
  • Keeps the mobile sales force up-to-date.

Intranet functionality

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