Intranets & manufacturing

Whether you have one website or hundreds of sites across the globe, Intelligent Intranet is a magnificent tool to ensure compliance with your ISO quality certification and to manage health and safety throughout the organisation.

  • Central depository of standards and specifications, in an easily findable format
  • Up-to-date and controlled depository of quality documentation and work instructions
  • Built-in notifications to enforce review of documents - essential for any quality certification
  • Advanced usage statistics helps to ensure work instructions are noticed and read -> enabling corrective action to be taken if not read
  • Share best practices between manufacturing centres
  • Improved co-operation between R&D and manufacturing
  • Timely and cost effective report distribution
  • Maintain complete product history including defect logs and R&D design comments
  • Multi-media capability ensures interactive work instructions and 'how-to' videos
  • With document conversion module you can view CAD files, Visio files, MS Project with a browser
  • Quality teams can share a collaborative area
  • Forms to capture data for production reports
  • Avoid local copies of out-of-date work instructions
  • Significant cost savings by not having to roll-out separate desktop applications
  • Ensure company strategy and vision is shared

Intranet functionality

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