Call centre intranets

Contact centre, customer service centre, call centre - whatever the name, customer service representatives are expected to be the friendliest, most knowledgeable and effective advisors, problem fixers and to up-sell products and services in the same breath.

Intelligent Intranet helps them to be shiny stars by giving them the information and tools at their fingertips.

Whatever your inbound mix - phone calls, emails, letters, social media, online forms, live chat - a well functioning intranet is a key tool for CSRs.

  • Increase in first time call resolution as information is readily available
  • Instant messaging allows you to broadcast vital customer messages to everyone
  • Locate vital skills and experience in seconds
  • Tools to help team leaders
  • Consistency across call centres for training, customer service and policies
  • Improved compliance with quality standards
  • Increased co-operation between call centres
  • Powerful e-learning platform
  • Easy to use, hardly any training required
  • Increased job satisfaction leads to lower staff turnaround
  • Significant reduction in paper

Functionality overview

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