Help Desk software for your intranet

The Intelligent Intranet HelpDesk application helps to get things done. It is equally suited for IT service desk and for retail support, providing an easy to use yet comprehensive tool to deliver excellent service efficiently.

The Intelligent Intranet Help Desk enables you to:

  • Dramatically reduce unnecessary status calls and improve customer service
  • Increase first time call resolution with the help of systematic problem analysis and resolution tools.
  • Improve the quality of data available for the specialist by enabling end-users and help desk personnel to attach files to the log
  • Increase organisational effectiveness by enabling end users to search through the knowledge base

Suitable for:

  • Divisional or company wide IT Help Desk
  • Property Help Desk for retailers and tenanted pub estates.
  • Retail support or Retail Operations
  • Defect tracking in R&D environments
  • Technical support
  • Service Desk

Simplicity, speed and ease of use allow your service desk to provide fast and accurate service to the rest of the organisation.

Full integration with the Intelligent Intranet means that users can log the calls and track their own requests easily via the familiar intranet user interface.

Let your support team to get on with the job

Did you know that 30% of help desk calls are about the status of a previous call?

Smart Media HelpDesk has powerful employee self-help that allows users to search through the knowledge base and log calls via the intranet.

And what's best, they can monitor the status of the call via the intranet, thus significantly reducing the load on your helpdesk staff.

Knowledgebase for self-help

Its knowledgebase is an integral part of your intranet, always at hand and easy to update and find – encouraging self-help and reducing the strain on the IT service desk.

Call back

Once a specialist has marked the call as resolved, the help desk administrator gets notified with a call back request to make sure the end user is happy with the resolution.

Real-time call volume

Shows open calls by SLA, and highlights call open longer than N days, as well as activity for today.

Specialist allocation

Automatic allocation rules to assign a call to the right specialist team are easily setup based on call classification.

Call classification

Classify calls into problem areas and symptoms and assign suggested actions / resolutions to them.

Caller history

Caller history is easily viewable when assigning or working on a new call. This helps to spot recurring issues, find past resolutions quickly, and direct training should need be.

Email updates

In addition to employees being able to see their call status on the intranet, you may sometimes also want to email them with further request. This is easily done whilst adding a note to the call.

Specialist view

Specialists have their own view for ease of taking calls in hand and updating. They can take issues in hand to be processed based on priority or complexity, or request a re-post to another specialist team if they think the call has been incorrectly assigned.

Call prioritisation

Whilst the Help desk operator can assign priorities on a number scale, you can use more descriptive choices for when employees log the call directly, for example “Stops me from doing my job” instead of ‘Priority 1’.

Audit trail search

Find past notes easily with the audit trail search.

Integrate with your BI tools

You can easily take data into your business intelligence tools if you need extra reporting and to combine with other performance indicators.

Built in reporting

Reports for work-load and trend analysis are built-in such as open issues, aging analysis, SLA report, busy hour reports, call volume reports, call resolution by tech team, calls by user.

Rapid action suggestions

Easily add things to check and known resolutions for help desk staff and specialist teams.

Call status

Employees can view the status of their recent calls as well as their own call history conveniently on the intranet. Further widgets and dashboards can be added, for example, open calls for a department or retail region.

Call logging

Employees can raise a ticket conveniently on the intranet, and your help desk team can log and prioritise calls.