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November, 16 2016

How employee communication needs to change

At a recent enterprise M3 conference, Lucy Adams. MD of Firehouse, founder of Disruptive HR and Ex-HR Director at the BBC called for fundamental changes in employee communications, HR policies and performance management.

Annual staff engagement surveys have changed little

By large, and regardless of the organisation, the annual staff engagement surveys keep coming up with the same results, year after year – we want better communication and better career development. In fifteen years, the stats have not...
September, 09 2016

Over a million clicks for the environmental law portal

Do you ever wonder what you can do if your neighbours are noisy? What are your legal rights? Or do you wish there was something other than cursing you could do after stepping into a pile of dog ‘you know what’ on a footpath?

These are real examples of the questions that get the UK web users searching for answers.

UK Environmental Law Association has compiled an environmental portal ‘Law and your environment’ at with the help of Cardiff University to explain many common aspects of the environmental...
September, 09 2016

Workflows of industrial scale

There is always something very satisfying about visiting customer sites where real products are being made – be that plastic intrusion for soft drink bottles, quintessentially British clothing, huge ventilation ducts for tunnels, medical instruments or brewing beer.

On a production line, everyone knows clearly what their part of the process is, work instructions are clearly documented and – in most cases – the whole process has a quality certification. The culture of measuring, analysing and improving is often deep rooted throughout the rest of the organisation. ...
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September, 09 2016

In the fast lane but with sustainable values

It is no coincidence that Smart Media’s clients are at the forefront of sustainable development.

One of our early clients was Sussex Downs Conservation Board (SDCB), an organisation that has since been replaced with the South Downs National Park Authority. When I say ‘early’ I mean the previous millennium – after all, at Smart Media we are the industry pioneers.

In the early days there wasn’t much educational material on the net, so we created fantastic interactive quizzes and puzzles to supplement school curriculum and to teach about the South Downs history, its artists, its flora and fauna. And mixing with all those lovely people at SDCB, they taught us how to run...
September, 09 2016

Onboard A350

On a recent flight I was lucky enough to be on board Finnair’s brand new airbus A350. The plane introduction was full of blurp about its fancy features, the comforts of the seat (it did allow a fully stretched flat bed!), a handy pocket here, entertainment choice of movies, and the choice of 3D views of...
September, 09 2016

From Rio to Tokyo - retail extranet success

Smart Media extranet is used in over fifty countries and on all continents apart from Antarctica. That may of course soon change, as our CEO has volunteered for a sales expedition to the utmost South!

Having a global extranet user base means that you need to treat your intranet like it was a website with a global audience - it must work with all browsers no matter on what operating system and it needs to be fast loading as there still are large pockets of users with limited connectivity – think oil rigs in...
August, 24 2016

Adblock wars consumer does not really have a choice

Consumers are deploying ad-blocks to avoid being interrupted with ever more intrusive advertising. Sites such as Facebook are deploying techniques to force adverts regardless of ad-blocking software. According to a recent (August 2016) survey 26% of U.S. internet users use ad blocking software on desktop...
August, 01 2016

Intranet innovation for future employees

As an intranet manager, you may have been frustrated at times when some employees have lacked digital skills you take for granted or been skeptical about the need to embrace new technologies.

But in a few years, will today’s digital champions be seen as the old dinosaurs who do not want to give up email or MS Word or file system?

For several years now we have been lucky to work closely with your future employees – those 13-14 year olds who are just about to make their selections for GCSEs. At the annual TeenTech® Hampshire event 200 bright students try their hands on in various scientific experiments provided by national and...
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July, 27 2016

What now for data protection?

Depending how foresighted the contracts team has been in wording the data protection clauses in your supply contracts, they may state ‘that the supplier must not store data outside the EU’ or more ‘not send data to any country that is not compliant with the EU Data Protection legislation. Take the former and...
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June, 03 2016

FBF Red dots or red blokes

It is a Saturday morning in a call centre, at the dawn of the digital television transmission. ONDigital was the market leader, and the settop box was about to become a standard kit in many living rooms. But as it happens, the signal was not always strong enough and that could cause the screen to have red...
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