Intelligent Catalogue

Would your organisation benefit from Intelligent Catalogue?

  • Do you have several spreadsheets keeping track of various objects?
  • Do your customer service representatives know all they need to about your products?
  • Do you have a central depository to store all product information, including marketing, purchasing and development data?
  • Does your product information change frequently?
  • Do you need to manage thousands, or tens of thousands of products?
  • Do you wish to attach drawings, pictures and/or videos to your products?
  • Do you have a need for an integrated catalogue for your intranet and web site?
  • Do you have multiple product lines, each with their own product attributes and other requirements?

Intelligent Catalog is a flexible and scalable multi-user catalogue software application, with browser based maintenance and customisable web front-end to search and browse through the products.

The same core product information can be used for intranet, the internet and extranet, even for kiosks, with different display templates for each channel. Thus you can limit certain data to be visible internally only.

Intelligent Catalog allows you to:

  • Rationalise product information held in various sources into one robust and flexible database without compromising data presentation.
  • Communicate your product information and benefits to your partners via Extranet.
  • Achieve consistency of information by using the central database for all channels.
  • Save costs by eliminating duplicate maintenance work
  • Improve organisations product knowledge and thus enable employees to make better decisions.
  • Improve response to customer queries as information is readily available.
  • Template driven display ensures you can present your products to their best advantage.

Ideal for

  • For retail product management
  • For wholesalers
  • Product development organisations
  • Manufacturing organisations
  • Central services
  • E-commerce

Intelligent Catalogue - proven in use for e-commerce and B2B sites as Accessorize, Crown Packaging and ITT Industries