Intelligent Catalogue: Feature highlights

The Intelligent CatalogTM allows you to create and maintain a large number of different products all in a central database. Products can be physical products or objects such as tooling, fixed assets or even skills.

Feature overview

  • Unlimited number of products with central maintenance
  • Unlimited number of categories and levels
  • Each product category can have unique attributes that you define
  • Product variants to support different colours or sizes for example
  • Display templates for each category to match your business needs
  • Ability to classify and display products under more than one category, yet details are maintained only once.
  • Integrated content management tools allow you to constantly highlight the latest developments in category overviews
  • Product variants allow main attributes to be defined once, then different part numbers and prices can be allocated to each variant
  • You can also store hidden attributes for internal or administrator use only
  • Browser based maintenance
  • You can link to web pages, pdfs or even videos containing additional product information
  • Product relations allow you to define compatibility or alternative relations between products
  • Cross-reference other systems via multiple product identifiers/part numbers
  • Each product line or division can have their own presentation logic and category rules
  • Maintenance of product categories, attributes and relations is separate from display logic
  • Customisable web front-end
  • Ability to define which product attributes are searchable
  • Based on industrial strength relational database for scalability and open standards

Flexible category management

  • Unlimited number of categories and levels
  • Different product attributes for each level
  • Ability to map products to more than one category
  • Ability to define searchable attributes per category.