New Twitter channel for Smart Media @Smart_Media_Ltd

Posted on Oct 28, 2016

Smart Media have launched a new Twitter channel aimed to share information security and data protection news from authentic sources.

Stay up-to-date on matters of cyber security and data protection and follow @Smart_Media_Ltd

“The mainstreet news sources in the UK often just recycle news from other sources – we always try to follow original news producers and organisations who are most competent in their sector”, says Ian Williams, director of Smart Media and author of one of the very first articles about ‘What every executive should know about Internet security’ . That article was quoted world-wide in USA and Australia when it was published in 1995.

Issues around Internet security have finally reached the awareness of the corporate boards, with separate project teams being established to look after cyber security.

Mr Williams welcomes this trend as not at all too soon.

But one can never be complacent about cyber security, and one needs to stay informed. We hope that by following @Smart_Media_Ltd we make it easier for you to stay up-to-date on matters of cyber security and data protection.