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Increase social engagement on your website - with Smart Media feed reader
Intelligent WebCentre includes, without a need for a separate plugin or widgets, the ability for you to incorporate Twitter and Instagram feeds onto your website.

You can fully customise how the feed looks so that it is seamlessly fits your website just like you want it.
New Twitter channel for Smart Media @Smart_Media_Ltd
Smart Media have launched a new Twitter channel aimed to share information security and data protection news from authentic sources.

Stay up-to-date on matters of cyber security and data protection and follow @Smart_Media_Ltd
Give your page speed a boost with Intelligent WebCentre
It is like having your cake and eating it.

With Intelligent WebCentre you can have all your comments and formatting in your CSS and template files to ease maintenance, yet the published version is automatically minified.
Google adwords and the modern day cigarette
As so often is the case, the consumer does not have a choice. Whether you like it or not, your Google adwords campaigns are going to get upgraded. For the unwary, this can mean either a lot of annoyed customers or massive increase in their ad spend or both. For some, it may allow even better targeted advertising spend.
SEO strategies for multiple retailers
If you are an online retailer that sells a wide variety of different products, finding the focal keywords for your site can be tricky.
Professional website design and easy to use commercial CMS propel a successful relaunch
OSL Oncology Systems new website which was launched a few months ago is going from strength to strength in record time.
Jumping in to Google's top ten in less than 24 hours
We have always had a good understanding of how Google rankings work, but this time we managed to amaze even ourselves. After launching on Tuesday evening at 7pm, the Banjosmith website was not only indexed by Google the following morning, but also ranked in the top five results for targeted key phrases.
Usability brings best website award home
A2Dominion, one of UK’s leading providers of high quality housing, has won Best Website in the First Time Buyer Readers' Awards - fantastic recognition of the great work of A2Dominion's website team and the flexibility of Intelligent WebCentre™ content management software.
Online directory and knowledgebase for sustainable construction
SISCo Suppliers directory
The Environment Centre (tEC) launches the Sustainable Purchasing and Planning Centre - a one-stop-shop for the sustainable construction industry. This website forms part of the SISCo project, and brings together those involved in design, planning and construction of environmentally friendly buildings.
Brewery shop is back online with e-retailer
Fuller's shop - golf accessories
Just in time for Father's Day on 20th June 2010, the Fuller's brewery shop is back online for unique merchandising - bigger and better than before!
Do's and don'ts of online competitions
Arctic Fashion competition
Online competitions are a great way to increase traffic to your website and gain opt-in subscribers to your email marketing list. However, to ensure you reap maximum benefits from the competition, it is essential that you follow these simple Dos and Don'ts.
Housing Association relaunches with Intelligent WebCentre
A2Dominion, the leading housing association in London, brings new homes back to home to the corporate A2Dominion website.
Online polls provide for public consultation
England's newest National Park, the South Downs National Park, officially came to effect 1st of April 2010. One of the first public consultations in being conducted online about where the national park authority premises should be located.
Online sales up over 300%
Arctic Fashion bracelet
Unique Finnish designed jewellery and Christmas decorations, made from birchwood, proved to be a hit in 2009 as online retailer Arctic Fashion witnessed a three-fold rise in sales on the previous year.
Great Lakes! The lengths we go to for our customers
The longest lake, the steepest pass, the highest mountain... Just three obstacles to the successful completion of the 13th Ford Ranger Great Lakeland Challenge
A2Dominion revamp for residents
A2Dominion, one of the UK's leading housing associations, launches the new and improved Residents & Communities section of its website. Offering more interactivity and improved features, this online area engages homeowners, tenants, keyworkers, students and sheltered housing residents.