September, 09 2016

In the fast lane but with sustainable values

It is no coincidence that Smart Media’s clients are at the forefront of sustainable development.

One of our early clients was Sussex Downs Conservation Board (SDCB), an organisation that has since been replaced with the South Downs National Park Authority. When I say ‘early’ I mean the previous millennium – after all, at Smart Media we are the industry pioneers.

In the early days there wasn’t much educational material on the net, so we created fantastic interactive quizzes and puzzles to supplement school curriculum and to teach about the South Downs history, its artists, its flora and fauna. And mixing with all those lovely people at SDCB, they taught us how to run the office in a sustainable way, from composting tea bags to counting food miles before that was fashionable.

Another one of our clients, a major FTSE 100 company, has won many accolades for their corporate social responsibility work and reports. They had the vision to get all staff involved with a ‘Green’ area on the intranet dedicated to facts and advice on how to reduce the carbon footprint. A daily challenge competition encouraged all staff to record what they had done that day to do their bit, whether it was by taking a shorter shower, walking to work or making sure lights and printers were switched off, in the office as well as at home. And the beauty of it all – no additional software was required but all easily done within Intelligent Enterprise™ suite.

And of course, our intranet collaboration and business process automation products allow many companies to reduce their carbon footprint by reduced need of business travel, using the intranet to share pool car trips, reduce printing and emailing.

Today we are in the fast lane of business but doing so in a sustainable manner. All of our staff and pool cars are hybrids or PHEVs - but not quite as expensive as the BMW 8i!

We also love our electricity stingy mini desktops, my Formula1 PC takes just 20Watts but is very powerful indeed. Those of you who manage a network or server room will know how good that is. With low power consumption less heat is produced so that means lower demand for air conditioning too.

These are just some examples how Smart Media team are striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible in everything we do – at home or in the office. And it makes economic sense too.
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Posted by Johanna Leppanen at 12:51
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