Intelligent Extranet™ software

Whether you need to provide employees access to your intranet wherever they are, or are looking for a more traditional partner extranet, you can achieve the perfect level of convenience and security with Smart Media Intelligent Enterprise solutions.

Employee access from anywhere

When you opt for having Intelligent Intranet as a managed service in a secure private cloud, your employees will have access to your intranet from office, from mobile, from the Internet.

Intranet/extranet on-premise

If you prefer to host your intranet on-premises, Smart Media's intranet/extranet setup will give you secure implementation that also allows employees to access your intranet content over SSL VPN whilst keeping all your data safely inside your network firewalls.

Share content with partners

With extensive access controls and protective marking, you can control access to content precisely, which allows you to use the same infrastructure to share content with trusted partners - auditors, accountants and key customers.

What is a partner extranet?

An extranet is a service you offer to your business partners, most often customers, but sometimes for suppliers. An extranet can also exist for multiple organisations to collaborate on one or more projects. An Extranet is more than just a website in that it is for named users or organisations only (as opposed to anonymous, public access like a website) and often includes more in-depth information and data coming from within your business systems, such as your intranet or financial system.

What is the difference between an intranet vs extranet?

Intranets are intended for an organisation’s internal use only. As soon as you start sharing information to stakeholders and third parties, you will need an extranet. From a functionality point of view, an extranet is more like an intranet than a website.

Who benefits from an extranet and how?

You and your business! The reasons for having an extranet are directly related to improving customer service, creating effective online work practices with your customers that increase their loyalty to you, being able to offer personalised service and communicate effectively with each customer without the traditional overheads.
Extranets are also great to make sure that all customer relevant information is accessible within your organisation too, unlike emails that tend to be accessible only by the addressee. You can also include forms and workflow processes, stock transactions and document collaboration functionality as part of your extranet, and these typically will bring very significant tangible financial savings.

Why should I have an extranet?

For all the tangible reasons listed above, and also because extranet services are becoming the norm in doing business and your customers will expect that.

How do I get one?

Call Smart Media now on +44-(0)1256-346454.