September, 09 2016

Workflows of industrial scale

There is always something very satisfying about visiting customer sites where real products are being made – be that plastic intrusion for soft drink bottles, quintessentially British clothing, huge ventilation ducts for tunnels, medical instruments or brewing beer.

On a production line, everyone knows clearly what their part of the process is, work instructions are clearly documented and – in most cases – the whole process has a quality certification. The culture of measuring, analysing and improving is often deep rooted throughout the rest of the organisation.

Manufacturing is sometimes seen as slow to take on new technologies – with most manufacturers operating in a highly competitive market place and tight margins, they tend to invest in technologies that bring them competitive advantage, reduce costs or improve quality – there is very little room for ‘I fancy’ purchases or deploying new technology for the sake of CV building.

Although I know how fantastically powerful and flexible Intelligent WorkFlow software is, it never stops amazing me how our manufacturing clients around the world use it – be it to manage part number allocation, product pricing, sales lead funnels, document control, health and safety audits and accident reporting, let alone the simple forms such as pool car bookings or purchase authorisations.

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Posted by Johanna Leppanen at 12:52
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