June, 03 2016

FBF Red dots or red blokes

It is a Saturday morning in a call centre, at the dawn of the digital television transmission. ONDigital was the market leader, and the settop box was about to become a standard kit in many living rooms. But as it happens, the signal was not always strong enough and that could cause the screen to have red noise or red pixels on the screen.

Caller: The picture is not good enough

CSR: In what way, can you describe the problem?

Caller: The screen is covered by red dots

CSR: Red dots you say? Just a minute, I check what that might be

The CSR types in to the intranet knowledgebase: “red blokes on screen”

Well, an easy typo to make if your mind is wandering after a Friday night we think.

Fortunately the technical support team had written a fantastic knowledgebase article that explained all ins and outs about the signal strength, how to test it and what to do if red dots appear on the screen. Red dots not red blokes.

Whilst the Intelligent Intranet is not quite psychic (our R&D teams are working on it), it still knew that the CSR meant ‘red dots’ despite typing ‘red blokes’. Thanks to the innovative search aliasing in the Intelligent Intranet, you can amend the search results rather than trying to change what the users type or the content editors write.

Shame about the monkey.
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Posted by Johanna Leppanen at 00:00
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