Smart Media software

Smart Media provides a suite of turnkey solutions for the enterprise and public sector, based on scalable and proven products and professional services. All products are proven, "off-the-shelf" applications.

All applications are easy to use and work seamlessly together, forming an integrated and reliable solution you can deploy today and expand tomorrow.

Intranets, Extranets and Enterprise Portals
Smart Media Intelligent Intranet™ solutions offer the best in content management, integrated document management and portal functionality, knowledge management, personalisation, electronic document/report distribution, collaboration and content migration tools. Cluster ready Enterprise Edition is ideal for multi-divisional implementations. Intelligent Extranet™ helps you 'interactivate' customer and supplier relationships.
WorkFlow, Forms and Business Process Improvement
For intranet, extranets and web applications, with tools for data integration and online reporting, faxing and document distribution. Intelligent WorkFlow™ has revolutionised the automation of business processes through its easy to use interface, full functionality and database driven browser interface.
Website Content Management
Intelligent WebCentre™ caters for the specific design demands and approval workflows required to maintain and manage one or more web-sites throughout the site lifecycle. Thanks to our advanced content domain architecture, content for the website and the intranet can be shared securely.
Enterprise Business Applications
100% browser based enterprise applications such as Invoice Management; Help Desk software for IT, property management and retail support; flexible multi-lingual Catalogue software to power your product catalogue or asset register – all accessible via a unified intranet desktop.
Secure e-commerce and payment solutions
Website CMS integrates with third party payment gateways. For high volume e-commerce sites, Smart Media provides a secure payment gateway for online card authorisation, resulting in smaller transaction fees.
Call centre solutions
At the heart of an effective call centre lies an easy-to-use and robust knowledge system with integrated call handling and workflow processing. Learn how your call centre can benefit from our product range.