Data protection and security

Data security is something that needs to be constantly reviewed. We always welcome co-operation with your IT team and any external security consultants you may use, as we all have a role to play in keeping your and your clients data safe.

Patented security framework for financial transactions - SMPSS

An innovative deployment scheme allows content authors to work safely behind the firewall and transfer the final content into a completely separate external web site. This takes advantage of Smart Media's patented network isolation and data transfer solution - ideal for e-commerce and mission critical data.

SMPSS leads the way for industry best security practices and data protection - no customer details or unpublished content are stored on an internet accessible server.

Customer experience websites

Even if you don't take money through your website, you may still be handling customer data, and probably also integrating that data back to your CRM systems.

Intelligent WebCentre™ protects sensitive form data from being emailed - instead it can be securely integrated to your systems, and data appropriately deleted after a configurable retention period.

e-trader - online real time credit and debit card processing

e-trader card payment processing software

E-trader™ is Smart Media's card authorisation software for handling card payment over the internet, intranet, in-store kiosks and unattended payment terminals.

Unlike payment services, there are no additional transaction based fees and you can stay with your current merchant bank.

E-trader can be seamlessly integrated to your e-commerce application.