Increase social engagement on your website - with Smart Media feed reader

Posted on Nov 30, 2016

Intelligent WebCentre includes, without a need for a separate plugin or widgets, the ability for you to incorporate Twitter and Instagram feeds onto your website.

You can fully customise how the feed looks so that it is seamlessly fits your website just like you want it.

Automatic feed brings Instagram posts to your website – you simply define the user account you want to follow and Intelligent WebCentre includes all the steps you need to login to Instagram to authorise the feed request. Simply include the feed into one or more of your website templates and pages for awesome effect. The feed is compatible with the June 2016 Instagram API changes.

Twitter allows both user timeline and hash tag searches to be included in the feed. Whilst your own tweets are (hopefully!) suitable for inclusion on your website, but other people’s tweets that share your most relevant hash tags just may not be. Intelligent WebCentre makes it really easy for you to remove any inappropriate tweets from your website.

And there is more fantastic things you can do only with Intelligent WebCentre – mix and match your social media posts with your press releases and even ad hoc content on the website, to create a truly interesting and lively content.