Give your page speed a boost with Intelligent WebCentre

Posted on Sep 19, 2016

It is like having your cake and eating it.

With Intelligent WebCentre you can have all your comments and formatting in your CSS and template files to ease maintenance, yet the published version is automatically minified.

“We have always been minifying software programme files, which made websites created with early version of Intelligent WebCentre very fast” comments Johanna Leppänen, director at Smart Media.

“But with the expansion of web skills, customers have been creating their own templates and stylesheets, so we needed to find a way of making customer editable programme files minified too, without losing ease of reading or maintainability” she continues.

Thanks to the separation of site preview and live environments, Intelligent WebCentre CMS minifies the files as part of the one button, real time publishing process.

This uniquely combines the flexibility of webmasters being able to update templates, stylesheets and JavaScript from the CMS backend with the performance of minified CSS and JavaScript files. And with the unique comment syntax, your comments stay visible just for you, not to the outside world.

So get your page speed into green, and upgrade your website CMS to Intelligent WebCentre.