Jumping in to Google's top ten in less than 24 hours

Posted on May 31, 2011

We have always had a good understanding of how Google rankings work, but this time we managed to amaze even ourselves. After launching on Tuesday evening at 7pm, the Banjosmith website was not only indexed by Google the following morning, but also ranked in the top five results for targeted key phrases.

The key to Banjosmith's success lies in three main factors:

  • keywords were analysed and copy for the site was expertly written by
    Smart Media
  • XHTML and CCS implementation for the CMS templates was flawless
  • Intelligent WebCentre's effective Google-friendly features gave
    the site a head start.
It is most notable that these results were achieved even before there were any inbound links to the site.

How could we achieve such fast results? We know we have achieved similar top rankings for flowers but that took us a bit longer! So what's different?

Firstly, the site is solely focused on banjo teaching; secondly, the service is geographically limited and thirdly, we had total freedom to write the copy based on the facts we received from the client.

The key to successfull SEO is keyword-focused copy, written just right so that it still reads well, is grammatically correct, free from typos and where headings are used appropriately. This example is a powerful demonstration of what the combination of right copy, technical expertise and state-of-the art CMS can achieve.

If you follow our content copywriting advice, which we give as part of our Content Editor training, you too can achieve great results on Google.

Find Banjosmith on the web - search for banjo teacher london

As part of our study of what different tricks Google is upto, we would appreciate if you could tell us what position you find any variant of www.banjosmith.co.uk

When we last checked, the results returned 6th as follows:
Bluegrass banjo teacher in London - Dick Smith
www.banjosmith.co.uk/ - Cached
Learn the banjo in London with one-to-one private banjo lessons and
group banjo classes in Walthamstow and Tooting. Find out class times,
prices and contact ...

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