Usability brings best website award home

Posted on Apr 12, 2011

A2Dominion, one of UK’s leading providers of high quality housing, has won Best Website in the First Time Buyer Readers' Awards - fantastic recognition of the great work of A2Dominion's website team and the flexibility of Intelligent WebCentre™ content management software.

Voted for by website users, A2Dominion's award is a triumph for usability and best practice implementation.

We all know that content is king, and A2Dominion's web team really care about their audiences and ensure their content is always up-to-date. To be voted Best Website is also humbling as we know that users will expect the site to continue to meet their expectations in the fast moving digital world.

It is important to recognise that good usability is not something that is achieved once and then forgotten - it has to be constantly worked. A2Dominion and Smart Media work together to proactively design and test for usability and improve user experience. Part of that process is actively soliciting comments and suggestions from the users - and then acting upon them.

'It is essential that the web content team and the CMS provider work closely together to bounce ideas off one another and make sure anything is possible' says Johanna Leppanen, Director at Smart Media.

'Our product development has always been client-led to ensure we add features and functionality to the CMS that content editors need in order to innovate and stay ahead of competition. The flexibility of Intelligent WebCentre really is indispensable when managing a website that must meet the needs of such a variety of website audiences that A2Dominion has' she continues.

You can see photos of the award ceremonies at

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