Work placement FAQs

For further information about our internships and working for Smart Media, see the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

Work and Responsibilities

What skills and qualities do interns need?

All interns are expected to have:

  • professionalism
  • the ability to learn quickly
  • skills in relevant computing topics
  • familiarity with professional software engineering
  • good written and verbal English skills

As Smart Media is working in a product environment, where the work done must be "fit for purpose" and durable, our interns need to like problem solving - the work is not routine - and have the intellect to make sure their work can be used in a product.

What is the subject of the internship?

Development of software for use in commercial products.

What will I be working on during my internship?

You will be working on short project(s) that can be completed within the three month period.

What kind of projects are there?

Projects will be from the following list, depending on your capabilities and will be completed during the period of the internship.

1. FTP file bridge, FTP sync with a remove file server controlled from a SQL database.
2. Exchange to SQL bridge, synchronization of Exchange calendar entries to/from a SQL database.
3. Template and CSS implementation of a portal websites including use of Google map API and automatic generation of XML sitemaps.
4. XML based data and file importers (complete with data validation).
5. Web based calendar programme.
6. Business process automation and workflow implementations, with integration to other database.
7. Various modules for Customer Relationship Management programmes.

What technologies and languages will I be working with?

1. DHTML/JavaScript and Ajax
2. Java
3. ASP, Exchange

What training will I be given?

You will have the same training plan as a Smart Media developer - approximately two hours training per week.

Will I be working in a team or alone?

Most likely alone, with about three hours/week with your supervisor (for advice, guidance, feedback and QA).

Pay and Holidays

What are the working hours?

Official hours are 09:00-17:30 Monday to Friday. However if you get behind plan, it is normal to work more hours to stay on schedule - the work is not routine. (However, we do expect you to enjoy your weekends and explore the UK while you are living here).

When and how much will I be paid?

We pay equivalent of £1000/month for full months worked, holiday pay included. This pay is run through the UK payroll. You will be given a form to fill to confirm that you are in full time education and if this is your only paid job. This normally means that no income tax will be deducted in the UK. However, National Insurance tax will be deducted. You are responsible for your tax in the UK and in your home country.

If you are from outside the UK, you are unlikely to have a UK bank account and thus we cannot automate your payments. Therefore your pay will be in two installments to your foreign bank account, one half way through your internship if it is less than 2 months, and the other at the end. For a 12 month internship your pay is monthly.

To set-up payments into a bank account in your home country, we require your your bank account IBAN number, SWIFT code, bank name and address, account name and account number.

For information on setting up a bank account for foreign interns, please see the Living in the UK section.

Are there any bonuses?

If your work is of excellent quality, and makes a significant contribution to Smart Media's products, you could be rewarded with a discretionary bonus of up to 1,000 GBP.

What is the half way break?

Being in a foreign country can be daunting, and you will undoubtedly miss your family and friends. Half way through your internship we encourage you to take a long weekend (Friday and Monday off) to go back home.

We are telling you this now so you can plan ahead and book travel tickets in advance at the most favourable prices.

Additional Information

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