Systems integration

Your business processes are integrated. Real life is integrated. Intelligent WorkFlow can be used to integrate your different systems to a seamless process. Smart Media system integration services are there to help you with the integration to legacy systems in a reliable and secure manner.

- SQL to SQL
- SQL to Oracle and Oracle to SQL
- IBM mainframes / db2
- telecom networks
- control devices
- peripherals
- card payment processing

Examples of our completed systems integration work includes:-

  • Integration of high volume newsfeeds with personalised internet front-end and text messaging for Reuters.
  • Connections to Vodafone telecom network for topping up of mobile phones via a self-service terminal accepting cash and card payments.
  • Document retrieval from C.O.L.D storage into a multi-media format.
  • Online credit checking to Equifax.
  • EDI interfaces to various IBM mainframe and A/S 400 applications for accounting and stock/manufacturing systems.
  • Converging AA mapping data and intranet applications.
  • Integration with security and authentication products.
  • Integration of our online card authorisation and payment software to billing and ticket booking systems for Odeon cinemas.
  • Integration to bar code scanners for intranet based stocktake system for major electronics retailer.

Flexibility and speed of delivery
Our expertise in complete turnkey project solutions with cross-functional, in-house teams gives us the flexibility and speed of implementation to successfully deliver innovative and highly successful projects.