Application development case study

This major telecommunications service provider does not have retail outlets of its own. Two of the key telecom services for consumers and small businesses. The Retailer would stock the customer application forms, take down consumer details on these forms and then fax the forms to a third party data capture house.

In order for the application to be accepted, consumers were credit checked. However, a significant percentage of applications would fail the credit check simply because of an incorrect postcode or other details being illegible or incorrectly typed in from those handwritten, faxed copies.


A tailored workflow application added to the retailers existing Intelligent Intranet and to the telco's IBM mainframe.

This has dramatically saved operational costs, increased number revenue thanks to lower process drop-out rates, increased customer satisfaction as customer requirements are verified at point of sale and correct service offered. The time from service application to service connection has improved drastically, ensuring conformance to regulatory requirements.


  • system specification and design
  • systems integration
  • application programming
  • database programming
  • user interface
  • test system
  • user training and roll-out.


  • customised Java wizard for capturing customer data
  • postcode validation based on PAF data
  • service selection logic
  • on-line credit checking
  • contract print-outs
  • EDI
  • reports
  • system configuration and support.