Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There is no black magic to SEO, although some companies may let you believe that. But what is true is that the SEO rules are changing all the time, and if something worked well a year ago, without constant work on SEO, your site may slip back in the rankings. That is why our SEO consultancy focuses on getting your website on the right track, and having the right process in place to make sure you can stay on top.

At Smart Media, we have an in-depth understanding of how the search engines work, and an over 100 point checklist to make sure that everything on the site is prepared for a good listing in the search engine rankings.

Smart Media’s development team has a strong track record of success in search engine optimisation techniques to make sure your website can be easily found.

There are several main factors that contribute to your website’s ranking in search engines. The methods search engines use to rank websites; links; changes you make to your website; and changes your competitors make to their own, will all have an impact.

Ranking algorithms

Search engines use ranking algorithms to decide how to rate and rank your website. These change frequently. For instance, Google can change its search algorithm up to 500 – 600 times each year. While most of these changes are minor, every few months Google rolls out a sizeable update that affects search results in significant ways.

Smart Media remains informed about the changes happening to all the major search engines and makes suggestions and changes to its clients’ websites to make sure they continue to rank highly.

Keys to successful search engine rankings:

Technical expertise to make sure the site complies with best practice
Intelligent WebCentre is the only website CMS that produces SEO friendly sites.
SEO expertise and campaigns to build the right SEO content copy for your site
We take SEO into account from the very beginning of the website design process - thus avoiding expensive SEO rework and ensuring your site gets off to a flying start.
Training your content editors so they know how to write good SEO copy
You have a CMS so that you can keep your website up-to-date.
Your content editors know your topics.
With helpful training and advice from Smart Media, they can save you money.

I have worked with a number of web providers over the last few years and ‘inherited’ Smart Media on one contract I undertook. The company’s dedication to understanding and communicating the latest developments in SEO is invaluable. Their advice has certainly made sure the websites I’ve managed with them have been very impressive and even led to one of them being recognised with a national award.

Pam Schreier, marketing and communications consultant